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With the explosion of corporate and personal Blogs and Vlogs on the internet has followed a huge number of blogging software aimed at ease-of-use, simple interface design and low-tech content creation bringing web publishing to the hands of the everyday user.

Content Management systems (CMS), unlike most simple blogging tools, are aimed at creating a central store of data (files, text copy, images, categories etc) which are served up dynamically as site pages are requested, thus removing the need for hard-coded pages, navigation systems, and content. CMS systems have always had a grip on the corporate world, but their price and complexity have left them out of reach for most users.

Textpattern has come out on top of the new Web 2.0 applications that marry these two concepts - ease of use, flexibility, and database driven dynamic content. Like most of the best new applications of the last few years Textpattern is a free, open source application distributed under the GPL with users around the world (including RedShoe Technologies) contributing plug-ins, templates and modified code.

In these pages you'll find the plug-ins and updates we have begun to write for our own textpattern based sites. Feel free to use them as you wish.

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