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rley_popup_cat <txp:rley_popup_cat /> creates a popup/dropdown list similar to <txp:popup type="c" /> and <txp:zem_popup_cat />. It shows _all_ categories in the database containing at least 1 article. This popup is *not* context sensitive.

Supported attributes:

Include only categories associated with the specified section. The form will jump to that category when the user selects an item. section=”“ will show categories from all sections, almost exactly like txp:popup.

Display this name in the list as the default (empty) selection

The label of the field

As per txp:popup

Set to ‘true’, the drop down includes a count of the articles in the category

Set to ‘true’ the plugin shows categories in a context sensitive manner similar to <txp: zem_popup_cat />. On the front page, only categories which contain active articles will be included in the list. On a section page, only categories which contain active articles from the current section will be included. Note This attribute is ignored if the section attribute is specified

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